Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patricks' Day Dinner

Corned beef and cabbage
Tangy Glazed Carrots
Apple Cake Cockaigne
Whiskey whipped cream

Beer/Sparkling Pomegranate Juice played a lead role in the meal. The beef brisket was brined in a recipe from, but otherwise the main meal elements were epicurious creations. A traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage was called for, but the thought of a 100% boiled dinner didn’t seem so special to me. I deviated by making a separate carrot dish. For dessert, I thought a cake would be nice. We have had and enjoyed the Apple Cake Cockaigne recipe from the 1975 edition of the Joy of Cooking several times. I ditched it for the French Apple Cake recipe just below it on the page. It looked good and since I had already bought the cream, I offered a whipped cream dollop for each slice.

Cook's notes:
  • be careful not to overcook the cabbage. It was tasty but softer than it needed to be (you can tell in the pix);
  • if you want pink corned-beef you have to add salt petre or sodium nitrate, which is a color fixative. It tastes the same regardless;
  • you can half the recipe for the sauce that the carrots are tossed in;
  • the cake is very good on its own and even better with a flavored whipped cream.
My troop and our the relatives who were over for dinner thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Corned beef and cabbage:
Champ (for the uninitiated, this is a potato dish):
Tangy Glazed Carrots:
From the Gooseberry Farm Family Favorites Cookbook
Apple Cake Cockaigne:
From the Joy of Cooking, 1975 edition
Does Whiskey Whipped Cream actually need a recipe? Even I’m not that needy. Anyway, if you do need a recipe for that, let me know and I’ll figure out the proportions for the ingredients (which are whipping cream, powdered sugar, vanilla and whiskey)

Sparkling pomegranate juice for those who don’t imbibe
Beer for everyone else (No, not green)


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  2. What I meant to say is that the meal looks delicious. To counterpoint the crunchy carrots, you might have gone less traditional and had roasted potatoes, instead of the champ. But it's all good. Yummmy! There's a great recipe for Chocolate Stout Cake that's made with beer. Maybe St. Paddy's 2010?