Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yes, I will feed this to my family

Homemade is best made. When I was ducking through the kitchen all those times as a kid, I missed watching my mother make food from scratch. She made everything from scratch. And she also did not use a microwave.

The ideal of homemade rubbed off on me. I don’t cotton to store bought soup unless I’m sick, in which case Campbell’s Chicken Noodle is my thing. I make soup from scratch, spaghetti sauce, gravy… you name it. I don’t buy pre-seasoned food except in very rare cases.

So this explains the picture. St. Paddy’s Dinner will be corned beef. Pictured is the beef brisket in the homemade brine that has been in my refrigerator since last week.

This is the recipe I followed for the brine.

The brisket will be in there for 10 days by the time I cook it. BTW, making the brine was easy sneezy. Much more difficult was finding a supermarket that had a brisket that wasn’t already in the puff pack with seasonings already on it.

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  1. Looking at your main photo of a yummy place of cookies on a plate on the retro countertops reminds me of my youth in my mom's kitchen. I would faithfully find her Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and whip up a tasty white sauce for my homemade mac and cheese. What other 10 year old does that?

    I was helping my mom clean out an old dresser awhile back and found one of her aprons. It was from the late 50s/early 60s and was a burnt organge towel material with a rooster image on it. It is half apron, one that you tie around your waist. I wear it for special occasions when I want to impress someone.

    I have noticed very cute vintage looking aprons are now all the rage.,,

    I think I still have vintage apron patterns from my youth. I don't have the energy or desire to sew an apron these days, but I might consider buying a cute one for my friend. I don't know why, but anything with ric rac or lace on it designed for kitchen use seems a little tough for this former miliant feminist to take.