Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner - Yum

Happy Thanksgiving!

The dinner was okay.  The right elements, but everything needed salt, which is a real bummer.  I don't cook with much of it and I don't eat a ton, but for special ocassion meals, I have to remember to be a bit more liberal with the NaCl.

But, we finished with a BANG!!!  I think all the desserts were the bomb.  And there were several.  I made two and guests brought another four.  Can anyone say calorie filled heaven???

The Menu:
Creamed Spinach (my husband made)
Homemade yeast rolls (my husband made, these were very good)
Corned Bread Stuffing
Cornish Hens
Honey baked ham
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Mushroom gravy
Baked Squash with apples (my s-i-l made)
Candied Yams (my s-i-l made)
Cranberry relish

Pecan Pie bars
Pumpkin spice cake with chocolate covered hazelnuts
Pumpkin cheesecake
Pumpkin pie
Apple pie
Sweet potato pie (friend Ashley made

There was also plenty of good white wine, sparkling cranberry juice, coffee and water

Thanksgiving is really a great harvest meal and a chance to give thanks for another year. Thanks all around!

pictured:  Cranberry relish (before and after) and Pumpkin spice cake with chocolate covered hazelnuts.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner - plan

So, now that Veteran's Day is out of the way, we are full steam ahead to Thanksgiving.

I/we am/are hosting this year.  I think there will be approximately 12-15 of us.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Stuffed cornish hens (as opposed to the traditional big bird, I'm going for little birds.  I think 1/2 per person is a reasonable expectation for portion size, except for the college and twenty-something men coming over for whom I will plan for 1.5 birds each)
Twice baked sweet potatoes
A corn/bean dish
Honey glazed ham
Creamed spinach
Macaroni and cheese


Wines and warm cider

I am still open to suggestions though, so if you don't see your favorite holiday dish on the list, please post a comment with a suggestion.  Also, your favorite recipes for any of the above dishes are welcomed.


*(pictured - twice baked sweet potatoes with spiced walnuts artfully arranged on top)

Veteran's Day on the casual tip

So, I've been distracted, travelling and not cooking.  That changed at the beginning of November.  Why?  Because one of my favorite food holidays is approaching.... Thanksgiving.

But there is a smaller holiday that comes up first.  I'd been on the road and didn't plan anything big.  But my husband and I did have one guest over for a homey Veteran's Day meal:

Panned spinach with onions and garlic
Spinach and ricotta ravioli with a red sauce
Toasted Baguette
Lovely Zinfandel!

Apple Cobbler

One hostess note:  If any of your guests or relatives are college age men or twenty-something men, double the amount of food you are making!  If it seems like you have a ridiculous amount of food..., you have make just barely enough.