Monday, April 13, 2009

Poll: May Holiday Meal(s)

I see that there are several likely holidays for a MAY write-up:

  • May Day

  • Cinco de Mayo

  • Mother's Day

  • Armed Forces Day

  • Memorial Day

Beyond the typical US holidays, there are holidays around the world, including a Flag Day in Poland and Labor Day in several countries.

I've never done big celebration meals for any of these, but in keeping with the spirit of this blog, I plan to do at least one.

So, which one/ones should I make holiday meals for in May? Your suggestions will be taken for the next week or so. Send your suggestion in the comments section.


  1. May Day and Armed Forces Day would make a nice balanced pair

  2. I don't think you should cook on Mother's Day. Aren't labor pains worth a day of rest? I vote for Armed Forces Day. Go out for margaritas on Cinco de Mayo.