Monday, October 26, 2009

That looks like a scary picture of something. Did you eat it before your tri?

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  1. Pre Tri food is an art of gathering extra goodness to expend in one consistent burst for the duration of the race. In my case, the race lasted just over two hours, so I had supplemental snacks during.
    Beforehand, there is carb loading for about a week. Why that long? Apparently your body will only take in and retain a certain amount each day, so if you really want to stockpile, you have to start early. You also want to hydrate well, so you are doing that too. And in the day or two beforehand, you cut back on fiber so you don't bind up all your goodies and shoot them out before/on raceday.
    During the race there are sports drinks (to keep up the electrolyte balance) water (to sip and to ocassionally dump on your head to cool you down), and sports chews or gels or bars (all kinda gross, but I particularly dislike the gels. You are inevitably dry mouthed and the gels adhere to the roof of your mouth like a big hunk of organic peanut butter).
    The picture is of the moist, delicious, surgary coffee cake that was served at the afterparty!