Saturday, December 19, 2009

Millissa's birthday cake

It is christmas cookie, cake and dinner season, I know.  I may be making a family recipe cake this weekend.  We'll see how time works out with a few other must-do activities.
But about a week ago, I made a cake recipe from Cake Love mastermind Warren Brown.  It was the banana cake featured in his cookbook.  First time attempting with the potato starch.  I don't know if that was the key, but everyone who had the cake said it was my best yet.  And it was Banana of all things!  Well, let me tell you, banana can go upscale from the common banana bread to an awesome light flavored and textured cake.

I made it with the chocolate glaze, also from the Cake Love cookbook, because even I could not fathom using four sticks of butter in the frosting for a 9" round cake.  It would have required too much extra gym time just to think about it much less eat a slice.

Here is Millissa's birthday cake.  Happy Birthday Girlfriend!

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